How Musicians Can Advance Their Careers Despite COVID-19

Tyler Donahue
5 min readApr 7, 2020

The Coronavirus, otherwise known as “COVID-19”, has swept across the globe, infecting more than 700,000 people according to Worldometer, as of March 29, 2020. What started as a simple media scare has quickly evolved into a pandemic. Quarantines, business shutdowns, and lockdowns in entire countries are the new norm.

Billions of people are told to stay home at all costs to slow the spread of the virus. For many people, this means working from home for the first time. For those who already work remotely, they don’t have to change much about their work routine, other than make room for their family members becoming their new home office co-workers.

While millions of Americans are still able to work despite social isolation, what about those who depend on social gatherings to make a living, like musicians? According to a recent poll by the UK’s Musician’s Union, UK musicians have lost an estimated 13.9 million euros in earnings, or just over $15 million US dollars due to the coronavirus.

Estimates on when the virus will stop spreading range from a few weeks to a few months. This means musicians could be stranded at home without a way to pay the bills.

So what should you do as a musician?

Well, while most people look at the situation as bleak, some artists are branching out, and using their creativity to evolve as musicians.

In this article, we’ll dive into 3 ways musicians can not only survive, but thrive during this challenging time.

Move Your Live Show to Facebook Live

Normally, the majority of musicians would be heading out to bars, restaurants, and concert venues to perform during the weeks or months. But, that all changed when COVID-19 started spreading rapidly across the world. Lockdowns and quarantines halted most restaurants and bars from opening.

Government-imposed social restrictions were put in place. First, businesses were limited to 200 people. Then 50. Then 10. Some countries, like the UK, even have gathering limits of 2…



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